Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Branching Out!

Okay, Okay, it is true... I am obsessed! Lately I have been exploring my inner desire to create wearable art and I must say that I am loving it! It all started when I began painting my little tiny oil paintings on Scrabble tile game pieces... I would go to the local market on Sunday rummaging through bins to find the one letter I was missing. THEN I saw other bins, full of antique trinkets and more... letter press keys, watch faces, dominos, typewriter keys, doll parts, more more more!

Now I have my own bins. Bins of old vintage goodies just waiting to become something new! Reused, upcycled, and reborn! So I created my own line of jewelry and called it "reJENeration design"! Get it? Re - JEN - eration? That's me. I'm Jen. Yup. And very excited to announce that several of my new jewelries are now posted on my NEW store online! So please take a look when you get the chance... so many things that make unique gifts and keep-sakes you will love!

So just that you aren't confused I now have two stores. One for my art/paintings and little trees:

And one for my jewelry too:

I realize you may have signed up for this blog anticipating everything related to my painting, so I probably won't post very much about my jewelry here (or I will try not to)... so when I post something new to my jewelry line it will show up in the widget I created to the right instead!

So in celebration of the "selfish plug" I now give you a few morsels of new paintings and jewelry pieces freshly posted to my stores... Thanks for looking!

"Branching Out"
Original Oil on Canvas 18x24 Available - email for pricing
Prints Available Starting at $20 - Click here

"Restless Again"
Original Oil Miniature 2"x4" with Easel
Click Here for Purchase Information

Creepy Doll Face Print on Vintage Scrabble Tile
Click Here for Purchase Information

Tiny Beetle Bug Print with Shimmery Wings on Vintage Scrabble Tile
$15 - FREE Shipping!
Click Here for purchase information


Anonymous said...

Awsome Jen!

Love The creepy baby faces!


Anonymous said...

Helloooo? Where are you Jen? Hope your feeling better :)