Thursday, October 16, 2008

Queen Anne Artwalk

I'm back! Sheesh, finally! The following post is sorta out of order... sorry, I had a hard time loading pictures in the order I wanted. That is what happens when one such artist gets a little rusty on her blogging skills! So I will catch you up... this is my show at Peet's Coffee in Seattle.

I used all the space I could at Peet's. Yes, folks. Don't be shy. Even hang your work by the bathroom. There IS a lot of foot traffic that direction you know... don't leave out the tinklers!

Mini's Mini's and more Mini's! I am happy to announce that I was approached by a new venue in California who wants to carry my small work in their gallery! So exciting as I have been on the search for someone to stock these little guys for the holidays! They make such great gifties! I have more to explore with this one, I will keep you posted. 

Front entryway had great lighting, so I hung some of the pieces I had used in my email blast there. Very identifiable from the street...

I used one of their tables to display my prints, business cards, bio, and guestbook... oh and don't forget the candy bowl, so you can stuff your face while talking art.

Hung one of my more "durable" surfaced paintings by the condiment counter... just in case there were little splashies.

Note: When doing a show at places where people sit around your artwork, be sure to hang your items high enough so they won't get bumped if someone stretches, or swings a backpack, or has a grabbie child with sticky fingers! One of my last shows I found some sort of splashed goo across 2 paintings! What the?! One of the many risks you take at venues where there are consumables. 

Well, I am still working outta boxes from the move, but managed to also put together my October show at Peet's coffee & Tea in Seattle. Tonight was Queen Anne neighborhood's Art Walk so I hung out for a few hours to mingle with the public. 

It is always so rewarding to talk to people about your art. I really realize that this is the part of the "job" that I thoroughly enjoy. Seeing how people respond to my work is so rewarding! Each person has their own individual experience... as I have always said, "My most favorite moment is when I put the brush down and show someone a painting. It is no longer my experience, but theirs."

Today I made a point of inviting my neighbors, new and old, by walking door to door and hand delivering invites, spent time sending email blasts, and shopping for Halloween candy to have at my display table tonight. (that of which, I ate half of. Sheesh.) 

I just really enjoy getting out and talking to people. It is so inspiring and adds fuel to my creative fire! So as you can probably tell already, I was very socially fulfilled tonight!

The pictures I managed to shoot are, as usual, after the show was ending. I just get to wrapped up to remember to shoot live in the moment. I need an assistant! 

Four events/shows coming up in November that I must paint a few more for... So excited to be a part of the Howard/Mandville small works show and the well known 1st Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk this time around! I should have more in progress photos soon! Stay tuned!


arzed said...

Just visiting; hope you'll do the same

Deborah Burns said...

Hi Jennifer,

It was nice to see you again last night at Peet's, meet Travis, and enjoy your paintings!

I especially liked the one in the main seating area with the light barked tree glowing in the forest. The tracing of its' slender form and branches is caught by the lighting and is just beautiful!

Nice celebration of Autumn with your paintings in a warm, cozy coffee cafe.


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks Deborah!
It was really fun talking to you and Kathryn last night! You two are so hilarious! I hope you were able to work your way around Queen Anne Ave to see some other venues... "Late Afternoon" as you described above is one of my favorites too.
Autumn is an amazing time to capture natures little splashes of warm colors!