Friday, September 26, 2008

Garage Sale

If you are a local here in Seattle and you want CHEAP art materials DO NOT MISS my garage sale this Sunday only! Art materials and a large selection of books, magazines, Communication Arts Issues, Showcase, Black Book, and stock photo books for the taking! I basically purged all my illustration reference materials. 
Here is an additional list of other non art related items:
Kitchen/Dining Table
Book Case/Stand
Fish/Reptile tanks stands accessories
Dog Crates 
Halloween costumes
Golf gear
Check out some of these non art related goods at my flicker image page here. After Sunday, it is all getting donated - so come and get it! If you are looking for a particular art material let me know as I have so much stuff I may have it at my new studio and would be willing to let it go! Cheap is the theme this weekend!