Sunday, November 23, 2008

Invitational Small Works Show at the Howard/Mandville Gallery

"Passing Through" Triptych
Oil on Panel

This piece is a favorite of mine. Driving alone on the road through the open fields of Western Washington and finding solace while gazing at my surroundings through the driver's seat window. Many of my trips were a little stressful... I drove an old 76 Ford Bronco that guzzled gas and many times I came close to running out of it in the middle of nowhere. The warm inviting landscape of the Palouse gave me a lot to day dream about, often distracting me from worrying about breaking down on my trips.

Last night was the reception for the Howard/Mandville Gallery's Invitaional Small Works Show. I am honored to have a few pieces on display, including the one pictured above. It was an amazing evening getting to talk to many well known and established artist's of which inspire me tremendously. It is such an honor to be showing in the same venue as them... Craig Kosak, Jim Lamb, Tanaya Sims, Joseph Alleman, Karin Jurick, Rich Bowman, Joseph Larusso, and many more...


Anonymous said...

WOW! These three... Nice
work Jen!


Jennifer Phillips said...

Thank you my dear! Happy Thanksgiving!